Inlineskater in einer Flasche.

Bild 246

Titel: Gefäß 04

Ich drehe mich in meiner Welt
meine Runden.

2016, Acryl auf Baumwollgewebe

ca. H 210 cm x ca. B 124 cm,
vorderseitig signiert


The WorldWideWeb is full of shirts
printed with messages

nerdy claims for your next meeting
with the mirror

what will you put on your t-shirt
when you're going to die?

I mean to die soon,
because we die anyway.

You wear a shirt and a tie and
betray yourself in the very last moment.


I hate it, I hate it, I hate it
that hope

that hope
that I will earn enough money
to have a good life,

that hope not to get
cancer or another horrible disease

to die an acceptable death - basically no pain
and all this hope will die with you

not so far away
if you compare yourself with time line's eternity


I feel like shit

maybe it was not such a good idea
to be an alcoholic
and not bringing it to an end

which means
I'm living with a damaged brain and body now